Monday, November 23, 2015

The Gandalf Triptych-Part 6: Finish

William O'Connor

Finally Finished!!

Those of you that have been following the journey that I have been making with this painting for the past 6 months have been wonderfully supportive.  The Gandalf Triptych was completed and debuted at the Illuxcon Exhibition in October, and the reception they received was wonderful!  The set was sold to a private collector, and I shipped them off a couple of weeks ago to their new owner.

Its been many months since my last blog about this painting, because as I said, it would probably take as much time to complete the details as all the steps up to that point combined, which turned out to be true.  Details, Gold Border and Frames were all decided within the last month of the work.

I'm very pleased with the result.  This was a challenge that I gave myself to try to challenge what I could do as an artist.  Three paintings that would would work individually and as a set.  There were points in the process where I considered quitting, but I slogged through it and finished what I started. Posting the process with no knowledge of the outcome was an added challenge.  I learned a lot along the way, I hope some of you did too about the work that artists put into their creations.  The painting is the work, and the final product is only the veneer of the process.



Gandalf Triptych Part1 Mines of Moria
©2015 William O'Connor

Gandalf Triptych Part2 Minis Tirith
©2015 William O'Connor

Gandalf Triptych Part3 The Grey Havens
©2015 William O'Connor

 all images and text are © Copyright William O'Connor and William O'Connor Studios

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