Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Caravaggio ArtNotes

Recently discovered art notes from Caravaggio's famous
"Crucifixion of St. Peter"...

Dear Caravaggio-
Sorry this is getting to you so late, things have been hectic around here and we're all playing catch-up.
First of all everyone here loves your painting, we think its really cool, great lighting and the drama is excellent. There are however a few changes we'd like you to make.
1- The Art Description says that the crucifixion is in a colloseum, and the designers feel thats really important. It doesn't have to be much, just maybe a crowd with a touch of classical architecture and maybe a tiger or two-totally up to you. The black is just too flat.
2- R&D says that the Roman soldier's costumes do not match the style guide. If you need reference let me know and I'll send it to you.
3-Please turn the foreground soldier around so we could see his face instead of his butt?
4-The colors are a bit muddy and dark, would it be possible to brighten up the palette and add some color?
5- St. Peter needs to have some glowing rune tattoos or a halo or something to make it obvious he's a high powered priest.

Thanks a lot, Could you get the changes in by friday, You Rock :o)


  1. Awesome notes, they sound strangely familiar.

  2. I think I've worked with them too. Great Stuff Bill.

  3. Nice. I especially love the "it doesn't have to be much..."

  4. Hehe! Nice work!

    Caravaggio was no stranger to patrons rejecting his work in his day too - the Death of The Virgin being one of the more famous examples

    Love your site/work - glad I stumbled across it!

    Kind Regards
    H Niyazi
    Three Pipe Problem

  5. My favorite Caravaggio rejection was "St. Matthew and the Angel" completely turned down and had to be repainted.