Friday, December 3, 2010

Redcrosse Knight and the Dragon: Part1

The Redcrosse Knight and the Dragon: Part1

Few stories are more captivating than that of the Redcrosse Knight and the Dragon. The epic verse of a brave young knight who battles a titanic fire-breathing dragon for three days is one of the most dramatic conflicts in English literature. To read the text click here: (Faerie Queene. Book1, Canto 11)
I have always wanted to illustrate the scene for some years but have never found the opportunity. A recent private commisssion has allowed me to explore this story again and I am using the chance to post its evolution on this blog.

This first part shows the sketching stage of the project as I explore different possible compositions and angles. This is by no means finished, and as a work in progress I hope to show all the false starts and corrections that an artist makes as a project develops.

Keep checking back for updates and evolutions....



  1. It is very neat to see your sketching process, especially because we are able to see the 'false starts' as you said and how the composition evolves. For this commission did you forgo the thumbnails stage and jump right into the sketch or was there the thumb step before this?

  2. I jumped right into this painting with no pre-conceived design. THe thumbnail stage was done in the painting....Its not a process I recommend if you're working on a schedule, but when working for myself, its fun to thumbnail right into the painting.