Wednesday, June 7, 2017

William O'Connor's Frankenstein

Several years ago I was approached to develop an illustrated edition of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.  I was extremely enthusiastic since it was a favorite of mine and a literary classic.  For several months I read and researched the work and produced a folio of sketches, color comps and diagrams based on my interpretations of the novel.

My immediate take on the early 19th century gothic tale was how scary it was.  This was one of the first real psychological thrillers and works of science fiction.  Grave robbing, corpse mutilation, zombies, paedocide, serial murder, mental illness and drug use were all front and center in the plot.  Eventually however the project was canceled and I was left with a file full of concept art that never got finished or published.  I'm attaching a sampling here for the first time for you to see my take on this literary classic in all its dark and horrific detail.  Perhaps one day I'll get to finish it.



"I will glut the maw of death until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends!"


"We perceived a low carriage, on a sled, and drawn by dogs, at the distance of half a mile, a being which had the shape of a man, but apparently of gigantic stature."

"...what I held in my arms had ceased to be the Elizabeth that I loved and cherished."

"The dissecting room and the slaughter house furnished many of my materials."

"As I still pursued my journey to the northward, the snows thickened and the cold increased in a degree almost too severe to support."

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"..I kept my workshop of filthy creation."


  1. Toned down? My six year old son would LOVE this art...of course he has me as a dad too.

    Fantastic art!