Monday, March 21, 2011

Chesley Awards

Two of my paintings have been selected by the Chesley Award committee as suggestions for nominations this year.
The Chesley Awards are the annual awards selected by the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. Only Members can vote, so join and vote early and vote often!

"Dragon Song"
Unpublished (Rights Available)
oil on panel 24"x36"

"Paladin's Charge"
Institutional (2011 Art Order Calander)
12"x16" digital



Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cousins of Valinor: Radagast and Gandalf

I'm working on a series of Lord of the Rings paintings. I was very inspired by the work of EA Abbey at the Boston Public Library, and recently some stunning stained glass windows I've seen. As well as the works of Albrecht Durer.
This Diptych is of Radagast and Gandalf that I've recently been working on in this continuing series. I hope to do more in the future, of other characters from the books. Larger and more complex paintings. For other paintings in the series see: Bard of Laketown.

Sketchbook #1

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art in the Boston Public Library

My February road trip to Boston to take part in Boskone 48 was a lot of fun. I got to visit with and see art by some of my favorite colleagues and spent the weekend in one of my favorite cities. Boston is a very exciting city for artists, with galleries, museums, art schools and one on the best artistic treasures in the US, The Boston Public Library.
The 13 panels of Edwin Austin Abbey's epic "Quest for the Holy Grail " is worth the trip alone, but the treasures also include a muraled great hall, and "The History of Religion" ceiling murals by John Singer Sargent, (currently closed for renovation), as well as sculpture and architecture that is the very apex of Victorian Gilded Grandeur. If you haven't been there yet, get yourself to Boston and see the library.