Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cousins of Valinor: Radagast and Gandalf

I'm working on a series of Lord of the Rings paintings. I was very inspired by the work of EA Abbey at the Boston Public Library, and recently some stunning stained glass windows I've seen. As well as the works of Albrecht Durer.
This Diptych is of Radagast and Gandalf that I've recently been working on in this continuing series. I hope to do more in the future, of other characters from the books. Larger and more complex paintings. For other paintings in the series see: Bard of Laketown.


  1. Cant wait to see more Tolkien stuff! By the way, your Hobbiton piece is framed and hanging proudly in our living room.

  2. This remains my world-wide favorite depiction of Radagast, with a beard and head differing from Galdalf.
    Too often you see the 5 depicted far too similarly with the archetypal 'wizard' facial hair and pointy hat.

    If you EVER have this illustration of Radagast published as a wall print, please let us know! I would be very proud to purchase one