Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The Guide to Drawing the Dragons of the World

"A Great Idea, Masterfully Realized, with Stunning Artwork."
ImagineFX Magazine

Dracopedia is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon in Hard Cover.
I'm very excited about this book, and all the hard work put into it.
160 full color pages, over 500 illustrations and a full color fold-out poster all about Dragons, their nature, habitat, behavior and a guide to drawing them.
I hope that artists and Dragon enthusiasts alike will enjoy the book.

Thirteen chapters divide the dragons of the world into 13 distinct families, and explain how they live and shows their wide range of forms, colors, environments and species.
Enjoy a brief sneak preview of some of the art, and take a look at the websites for more details and to purchase a HC copy before they're all gone!

Also be sure to follow along at my Dracopedia Project Blog, where I explore many of my dragons and techniques.


William O'Connor

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