Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fantasy Character Workshop #001

William O'Connor

Working as a fantasy illustrator for over twenty years I have created hundreds (maybe thousands) of fantasy characters.  When I was a student I would draw the characters of all the players in my gaming group.  later working for various games I would be commissioned to illustrate and design characters from stories.  As an artist many of these commissions became derivative to the point of becoming boring (Dwarf Fighter with an Axe, Elf Ranger with a Bow, etc.)  so I strove to change things up and make sure that I was always coming up with new combinations.  I created my Random Character Generator. (attached below).  This was based upon the appendixes that were listed in the back of the D&D Dungeon Master's Guide when I was a kid.  I started using this generator routinely, and still employ it when creating characters and when teaching character design to students.

This series is intended to use my generator to create characters on a regular basis to share the process with you.  I will try to be as faithful as possible to the attributes that are created, as the series is meant to challenge my skills, and make the characters as difficult as possible.



Fantasy Character Workshop #001

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Gender: M
Armor: Ringmail
Handedness: Dual Handed
Weapons: Rapier/ Sickle
Missile: Sling
Equipment: Reliquary, Spurs, Compass, Torch
Motiff: Wolf

As a two handed weapon wielding character, and wearing ringmail, the design of this character needs to be fairly fleet looking.  Flowing hair and cloak will help in this aesthetic.  While a slick design might be a good first thought the inclusion of the wolf motif, the sickle and the compass details made me think that this character would be more ranger-like.  The sling was tucked into his belt, the compass strapped to his wrist and the spurs, brought this Mongul-esque character into focus.

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  1. I really like that, you know? I'm from Brazil, have a poor inglish, and just has started to try make my career as a fantasy artist. I began to draw the old characters of my friend and... actualy I started with this because of you a few months ago. My friend give me your book as a gift "Dracop├ędia - the great dragons by William O'Connor", about 3 years ago I think, and I took a long time, since I earn it, to decide become a fantasy artist. And now, looking to your work and knowing more about your story motivates me to continue in this path and try hard to make me a better artist.
    So even if you don't know me and didn't do any of this with intention I just thank you, very much!