Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Astral Sea

More Dungeons and Dragons Stuff!
Here are a couple of interior paintings and the cover from:
"The Plane Above-Secrets of the Astral Sea"

There a couple of images here that were inspired by some classic paintings. My good friend Jeff Menges is doing a seminar on the influence of Golden Age illustrators on contemporary artists and it reminded me of these, so....



"Pirates of the Astral Sea" (Cover)
12"x16" digital
©Wizards of the Coast

NC Wyeth

"Battle in the Astral Sea"
12"x14" digital
©Wizards of the Coast

JW Waterhouse

"Armada of the Astral Sea"
6"x8" digital
©Wizards of the Coast

©2010 William O'Connor Studios

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  1. I remember when this book first came into my local Borders shop because I was so enthralled by the cover. It is fantastic. I really like the special treatment on the actual book of using limited gloss which made the character pop out even more.