Monday, January 17, 2011

Artist of the Month-Tiepolo

One of the oldest influences in my career has been Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. Although he is largely overlooked because of his garish rococo murals I regard him as one of the finest draftsmen of his generation. His mixed media sketches are inspiring and look almost like Rodin sculptures reminiscent of Rembrandt and are completely different than his paintings. His sketches have an emotional immediacy that his paintings lack, with a very expressive quality lost in the scale of his mural-sized finished work. What I find most educational is his dramatic compositions. Grouping figures into forms and balancing design with architecture effortlessly.

An artist worth a second look, and under appreciated for his sketches. I've attached a few of my favorites, but explore him for yourself.



"Flight From Egypt"
Chalk, Ink and Wash on paper

"St. Ambrose Addressing St. Augustine"
Pen, Chalk, Ink and wash on paper

"Ecco Homo"
Pen and Ink Wash on paper

©2011 William O'Connor Studios


  1. I have never heard of him. Such beautiful delivery.

  2. He's always been one of my favorites. As a boy I would climb the grand staircase of the Metropolitan and through a massive archway that declared "PAINTING" and into a room with three massive Tiepolo's. (lesser works, but still the biggest paintings in the museum) They're still there, but they but in glass doors for climate control and its lost its impact, but look for him in the Met's Master Drawings Gallery.